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DAF13 - Deepavali Pyramid

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Dewar 12yrs Old Scotch Whisky (75CL)

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yrs old Scotch Whisky (75CL)
Pol Remy Brut NV French Sparkling Wine (75CL)
Oat Cookies With Chocochips (100G)
Blackcurrant Butter Cookies (100G)
Yami Chocolate Twist (120G)
Beryl’s 80% Dark Chocolates (34G)
Beryl’s Strawberry White Chocolates (34G)
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate T24 (PC)
Quality Jelly Sweets (150G)
K Harrodson Traditional Blueberry & Almond Butter Cookies (180G)
Beryl’s Almond coated with milk Chocolates (70G)
Moore Strawberry Cookies with Soft Strawberry Filling (64G)