Community: Give More as You Gift with Club Rainbow

Community: Give More as You Gift with Club Rainbow


Fostering a culture of love and compassion, we strive to improve the lives of the needy in meaningful ways and here at Hazel Florist and Gifts, we are dedicated to supporting the local community in meaningful ways with charity causes that make a positive difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

In line with our vision of uplifting the local community, we have partnered with charity organisations including Club Rainbow, a charity organisation that supports and empowers children with chronic illnesses and their families to live an enriching life.

Hazel Florist will donate $2 to Club Rainbow for every Chinese New Year pyramid hamper sold!

The donated money will be used to support children with chronic conditions and life-threatening illnesses (donation amount will be capped at $10,000). Find out more about this donation on our website!

About Club Rainbow

Club Rainbow is dedicated to supporting children with chronic illnesses by providing a wide range of services to support their holistic development. Families receive tailored emotional support to help them and their child to navigate life’s course. Club Rainbow provides educational assistance including weekly tuition classes and bursaries to needy families to ease their financial burden.

Club Rainbow provides financial support in both monetary and in-kind to help children and families to tide through challenging periods of their lives. Informational talks and seminars with medical professionals are conducted regularly for family members to better care for their children.