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What is the meaning of your Rose bouquet?

What is the meaning of your Rose bouquet?

Floral Gift Giving

Flowers are nature’s gift and a delightful medium to express our love, warmth, and affection for the important people of our lives. A simple flower gift is a pleasant and heartwarming way to captivate someone’s affection. Flowers come in a variety of bloom shapes, colours and textures with different fragrances hence they make the perfect complement to expressing a host of emotions that are delicate and often difficult to verbalize.

While there are a plethora of flowers to choose from for gifting, roses naturally come to the top of mind as the flowers for expressing love with their exquisite beauty and fragrance. Roses come in different blooms and colours that suit all occasions like a first date or an anniversary celebration. Roses are great gifts whether you are giving to a friend, family member or special person, picking the best rose colour to fit the occasion would certainly bring great joy to the recipient.


Roses & Their Significance

Roses have been the most popular type of flower due to their versatility to suit every social occasion. Helping us to express our love, gratitude and joy on special occasions such as anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Floriography, the popular language of expressing thoughts and emotions using flowers in the Victorian Era has changed in today’s contemporary world. The language has transformed into a subtle approach with the colour of the rose playing a deep significance when expressing different types of messages without words.

Understanding the significance of specific rose colour to convey your intended feelings will come in handy. Whether you want to show appreciation for a loved one with a pink rose or stand by a friend with a stalk of yellow roses, you will find this guide handy for different occasions.


Red Roses

Red roses have been the quintessential flower of choice for lovers throughout the generations and continue to hold their crown of glory across all ages. Deep, rich and velvety reddish hue embodies the meaning of passion, love, devotion and romance. A single stem, a bouquet or an anniversary room decorated with petals, red roses are the perfect complement when words cannot adequately convey your passion. A dark red rose conveys your burning desire and passion for love and intimacy when words hardly suffice. Truly, the red rose will be keeping her crown for many generations to come as long as love remains the pursuit of life.


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Pink Roses

Pink roses are associated with femininity, elegance and sweetness with other meanings including gentleness and thankfulness. Pink roses are ideal for expressing appreciation and admiration as an excellent way of appreciating and saying thanks. A light pink rose is good for bringing grace and happiness to the recipient.


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White Roses

White roses symbolize purity, innocence and reverence and are often associated with new beginnings. White roses with their pristine petals demonstrate unwavering commitment and eternal loyalty. White roses feature prominently in weddings as a symbol of everlasting love, the fitting choice for the couple to express their promise of a new life together.


Yellow Roses

Yellow roses symbolize exuberance and fervour which is ideal for celebrating friendships with it’s strikingly bright hues reminiscent of the sun’s warm embrace. Convey your appreciation and affection to a friend with a yellow rose to brighten up their day.


Orange Roses

Orange roses embody excitement, energy and gratitude with their lovely warm hue. The orange rose is the choice for expressing deep heartfelt excitement with its intricate combination of boldness and zeal, perfect for congratulating someone who has attained a new achievement in their life or career.


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Lavender Roses

Lavender roses have an enchanted charm to them especially since they blossom in the spring season. Adoring lovers express their desire for romance with lavender roses as their budding love is akin to the springtime bloom. Lavender roses also carry a touch of royalty and splendour to uplift the recipients’ confidence.


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Numerical importance of Roses

The number of roses is important as they carry hidden meanings that are communicated through floral language. How about a list with the messages?

1 Rose – Love at first sight. A single stalk represents a wholehearted devotion to one individual.

2 Roses – Expressing mutual love and affection

3 Roses – Classic expression of “I Love You”

5 Roses – Expression of deep love to a significant partner

6 Roses – Missing and cherishing the person

7 Roses – Infatuated with you

9 Roses – Loving you forever eternally

10 Roses – You are perfect for me

11 Roses – You are the treasure I ever wanted

12 Roses – Be mine

13 Roses – Secret admiration and friends forever

15 Roses – I am sorry

20 Roses – Sincerity towards you

21 Roses – Committed to you

24 Roses – You are always on my mind

27 Roses – Given to a wife as an expression of love for her

36 Roses – Romantic moments to be remembered

40 Roses – My love for you is genuine

44 Roses – Unchanging love for someone

50 Roses – Unconditional mature love that has weathered the storms

99 Roses – I love you forever and ever

100 Roses – Unwavering devotion and commitment