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Baron Otard 1795 Extra Cognac (70CL). Eiffel Tower Cordon XO Cognac Extra (70CL). Bronnie Brandy XO (70CL). Dessaix Brandy XO (70CL). Quality Dried Bird’s Nest in Gift Box. 99.9% Gold Plated with 0.8um Chinese Zodiac Collection Year of the Ox. Wild American Ginseng Root in Gift Box. Fomec Double Swallow Bird’s Nest w/ Ginseng, White Fungus & Rock Sugar (2x70ML).  Dried Mushroom Gold Gift Box (40G). Delfi Assortment of Nuts & Raisins Covered w/ Milk Chocolates (180G). Mala Mushroom Chips (30G). Max’s Farm Cassava Chips (100G). Daiana Rocky Chocolate (110G). NYX Yan Jin Jiang Pian (Ginger Slice) (150G). Korean Ginseng Candy (100G). White Fungus (30G). Greenland Carada Rice Ball Nori Seaweed Flavoured (2x90G). Boro Coconut Cookies (120G). Japanese Style Mochi (210G). Amino Crispy Rice Flakes Original/Seaweed (2x60G). Monde Egg Roll (70G). Sunflower Seeds (160G).  Natural Seaweed White (40G). Sanwa Sesame Red Prawn Candy (60G). Red Bean Candy Delicacies (100G). Comes with Festive Packaging & Free Delivery. Total Worth: $3682.00. Total Savings: $2594.00.