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Condolence Gifts to Show Your Sympathy for Funerals in Singapore

Condolence Gifts to Show Your Sympathy for Funerals in Singapore

Sending condolence gifts to express your sympathy can be tricky to navigate, especially given the multiracial and multicultural makeup of Singapore’s society. Fortunately, there are ‘safer’ options that transcend those boundaries that you can consider no matter if you’re a close family/friend or a distant workmate.

Sending flowers to funerals in Singapore is one of them. It has become synonymous with conveying your condolences with its considerate yet delicate gesture of communicating your sympathies in a situation where words may fail you.

Although the act of giving flowers is a simple one, there are a variety of forms of flowers that are widely accepted and can be readily given as sympathy gifts in Singapore.


1. Flower Baskets

Basically a thoughtful arrangement of flowers in a basket receptacle, flower baskets can be a considerate token of your sympathies. Florists are able to express sympathies with the careful selection of flowers based on the meaning they convey.

With deliberate avoidance of garish and overly cheerful colours, flower baskets are a way of showing the bereaved that you are thinking of them during these hard times. These usually do not come with a stand to place them on.


2. Flower Stands

Flower stands are an elevation from flower baskets in that it includes more intricate floral arrangements and a stand to prop the flowers up to eye level. These can range from modest and understated displays to more lavish and ornate arrangements, depending on the acceptance level of the bereaved.

Some of the flower stands may include card placements on the stands itself where you can include your heartfelt and sincere messages.


3. Flower Wreaths

Flower wreaths are the archetype that people envision when people mention sending flowers to a funeral. While it can come in the more traditional form of a literal wreath, they are also commonly seen in a circular, more compact and complex floral arrangement.

While flowers are the go-to gifts which are very much appreciated and applicable to all sorts of funerals, non-floral sympathy gifts are rising in popularity as well. For those who are thinking of getting them instead, LED wreaths and sympathy blankets are the more popular choices.


4. LED Wreaths

LED wreaths have been rising in popularity in 2021 after their growing adoption in Mainland China and Taiwan. With its reusable and longer-lasting nature as compared to fresh flowers, many funeral paraphernalia companies have taken to using these higher-tech items.

As the name suggests, in the place of flowers, LED lights have been arranged in a pattern of a wreath, with some even having the capability of displaying customised running messages ticker-tape style.

However, it is also worthy to note that some funeral parlours ban the usage of LED wreaths due to safety concerns such as power outages and potential fire hazards. With some funerals seeing 100-over LED wreaths, they have been causing power trips in the funeral homes.

Not to mention the potential fire hazard of overdrawing on electricity. Hence, it might be wise to check with the funeral parlours if they accept such sympathy gifts before sending them.

Other than that, those who prefer funerals to be a sombre and solemn affair may also frown upon such flashy (although thoughtful) gifts. Some families of the bereaved may prefer a more subtle and traditional contribution instead so it is best to check with them ahead of time.


5. Sympathy Blankets

Sympathy blankets can be a great source of comfort to the bereaved family too. Traditionally given to be hung up during the wake to provide a shield away from prying eyes, it is now widely accepted as a condolence gift.

In addition, couplets, scriptures, verses and sympathy messages can be printed on the blankets as a way to honour the deceased.


Here, we explored a variety of condolences gifts suitable and widely accepted for funerals in Singapore. While there were non-floral gifts, one should always remember that flowers can be both powerfully symbolic for the meaning they represent and the feelings of peace, tranquillity, and comfort they evoke.

Although flowers are quite universal and transverse religious and ethnic lines, it is still a good idea and a form of respect to the bereaved families to check with them if sending flowers is acceptable and if so, what kind of flowers they prefer.

Most florists would also be able to suggest certain flowers or arrangements based on your needs. You can discuss with our friendly florists onsite or over the phone for advice on condolences flowers that fully express your sympathy and thoughts towards the bereaved.